Welcome to Zonta!

Welcome to the Zonta Store

Dear Zontians,

  As you are all aware, the 63rd Zonta Convention is rapidly approaching, and The Zonta Store is preparing to attend with a full array of merchandise available for purchase. In addition to the standard catalog items, and a variety of new, all updated with the current logo, we will also have the remainder of Clearance items portraying the old logo. Stock is limited for these items, and will be available at discounted prices while supplies last. So, for those of you attending the Convention, please be sure to stop by and see us for some great items to help promote Zonta International, as well as to pick up a commemorative Nice Convention charm or tac. Once the Convention has ended, these Clearance items will no longer be available. In order to provide this large variety of merchandise, we will be shipping most of our current inventory over to Nice, leaving a VERY limited inventory on hand in our office. This will not allow us the ability to fulfill any orders for the duration of the Convention, along with the transit time required to have any unsold merchandise returned from Nice. Therefore, we find it necessary to temporarily disable The Zonta Store, so as to avoid any conflicts with availability. Starting 6/8/2016 at 4:00 Central Time, all categories will no longer be accessible and, at this time, we are estimating the store will be back to full functionality on or around September 2nd, 2016. Please be sure to check back then to see the new and updated items we’ve added. Our customer service representatives will still be available to assist in any way we can during this time, so please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or inquiries.


We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding, and look forward to seeing some of you in France.


- The Zonta Store


Featured Product Lines

  • Member Emblem Jewelry

  • Magazines, Promotional Pieces & Bylaws

  • Gifts

  • Emblems and Signage


Please Note: Prices for items with precious metal content are subject to change without notice. However, Doc Morgan Inc. will make every effort to hold those prices as long as reasonably possible.